Video Training Wokrshop for Yuhua Secondary School Cycle 2

September 13th, 2016

The students of Yuhua Secondary were excited when we began the training and they were firstly briefed on the theory aspects of camera works, which were crucial before each team was able to proceed with video recording.

The students worked as a team in crafting a storyboard of their own preferences, and afterwards proceeded with their video recording.

With the help of Reel Friends team, the students were then given time to edit their videos to be submitted to us. At the end of the day, each team’s end product was showcased as examples for students to learn from and also as takeaways from the workshop.

It was an amazing sight to see that the workshop for Yuhua Secondary School went extremely well for these students!

Public Speaking Workshop with Edgefield Primary School

September 6th, 2016

For 7 sessions, we have been engaged by Edgefield Primary School to conduct a Public Speaking workshop for their primary 3 students. This workshop teaches basic public speaking skills and help to instill confidence in these students to be able to speak in front of a crowd in Malay language.

Our workshop kickstart with some confidence booster by getting the students to speak in front of the camera and introduce us to their favourite hobby, their interests and etc. The following week, we got the students to do an introduction right in front of the camera, but this time around, they were to introduce their best friend instead.

In week 3, we provided them with visual demonstration hosting through our past programme videos to give them a heads up of what hosting is in order for them to have a better idea of itThe 4th week of workshop was spent on separating students in different groups. They were allocated to three different roles; the host, the storyteller and the actors. This is for a special performance that is happening on the last day of this workshop.

After 4 weeks of progress, the students are currently in the midst of practicing a small drama performance to be performed for their parents in 3 weeks’ time.

We are extremely excited to see the outcome of the performance. All the best to the students who are performing, they will definitely put up a great show for their parents!

Video Production Training with Woodgrove Secondary School

September 6th, 2016

Reel Friends of ScreenBox (RFOS) is back for more training with different schools, corporate companies and teachers from Ministry of Education (MOE). Recently, RFOS visited Woodgrove Secondary School for a 2 days fun-filled and engaging workshop specially catered for students.

We started off the first day of workshop with basic introduction such as, constructing a story based on images followed by scripts, to convey messages that the students would like to share through their video.  Additionally, we displayed demonstrations to the students like different recording techniques as well as framing and anglings. They get to witness sample of shot sizes that they could display around with during their recordings.

The students of Woodgrove were then divided into teams of 5 and were given ample time to discuss as a team in deciding a theme for their video and the messages that each team would like to deliver to their audience. With 2 iPads provided for each team, the students then started their mission with much confidence and excitement.

The 2nd day of our workshop planned for the students were to learn basic editing skills utilizing existing built-in softwares – Windows Movie Maker – using of the footages they recorded the previous day. After spending hours working towards their end product, RFOS is proud to applaud that the works done by these students and has impressed the RFOS team.

It was certainly a great experience teaching and guiding these attentive and hard working students. Keep it up Woodgrove Secondary School!